Central Auditory Processing Disorder

Central auditory processing disorder is a problem a number of parents are facing. With that being said, this is not something to be considered as a lost cause especially since a huge number of children were able to find success with their careers and live normal lives. Holistic treatments for central auditory processing disorder contributed greatly in making this possible. Let us look at a few of these treatments today.

With the help of modern age and technology, we are introduced to a variety of treatment options for Auditory Processing Disorder. For instance, speech therapy is able to help kids who are struggle to differentiate between certain sounds or may hear certain sounds incorrectly. With its help children are able to make those sounds better and more clearly. There is also auditory training therapy that is also known to some as auditory integration therapy. Its main objective is to improve listening comprehension through various activities or games throughout the entire course of the training program.

There is also Auditory Integration Training (AIT) and is considered to be a powerful educational music programme that was developed to help children as well as adults find success in social interaction and learning ability. Aside from that, there are more treatment options parents can choose for their child each having its with own respective key function. The brain’s ability to process speech sounds is address with the help of phonemic training while the brain’s ability to process speech with background noise is focused upon through Words in Noise training. On the other hand, the brain’s ability to process speech sounds across words is addressed with the help of phonemic synthesis training. All of these training programs aim to help children develop their social skills to prepare them for the future.

Parents play an integral part in helping their children successfully overcome their central auditory process disorder. There are a variety of auditory memory exercises for kids parents can engage their children with which includes beginning level activities such as singing in your head, tap counting, rhythm repeat, simon says and many more.